Hello guys! Welcome to my blog. It’s my very first time to  write a blog and be a blogger. So, since this is my first time, I think it would be better to just write a post about myself. This is an exclusive post prepared just for you who wants to know me better (although there may be only one, or better, two). So, where should I  start?

Once again welcome to my blog!

As what I have mentioned before that this is my first time to write a blog, so I decided to just write anything as long as it is about me. I will write about myself so you guys will know something about me more. If we meet anywhere, then I hope you will recognize me and greet me! So my first post will be about me sharing a little background about myself. Excited? Let’s just get started!

I am a college student now. Even though I am pretty sure that you may think I’m still a high school cutie. I was an AB Psychology student at Adventist University of the Philippines. But it only lasted for one semester and then I decided to go back to my country. No need to tell you why, generally, it’s all about rumors and trusts. Now here I am, a college student in Adventist University of Indonesia or people usually called UNAI. To be honest, I like it more in here because of the food, the weather, and the people. For me personally, this neighborhood is better compared to my previous university.

That would be all about my little introduction. Whoa, that was so exciting. But that’s all for my first post. I thought it would be very tiring for me to post one. Turns out I wanted to share more about anything by pouring some in my blog.  My next post will be about my favorite foods. Aren’t you tremendously happy when it comes to favorite foods? AREN’T YOU? Well, I am.


Btw, I hope you like what I have written up there and give a positive feedback. Bear with me in my future posts, okay? 🙂



If you don’t have a smile, then I’ll give you one! 😀