Working Life

Hello! It’s me again. I am truly sorry for not posting anything since 2018 😦

Here’s the thing, I was excited about my graduation in 2019 and planned to write something about it but I was so busy. I even didn’t get much vacation because after I graduated, I had to train to be a teacher. If you ask me why it is so fast for me to get a work, it’s because I was super excited to leave my campus. So when I was still working with my mini-thesis, I applied for some jobs in Jobstreet and got hired a month before I graduated. Thus, I have to start working a week after I graduated. I was so curious of life after graduate.

Well, It’s been a tough year since I was graduated. Life was fun in college. I complained about anything, I traveled anywhere I desire, and I slept anytime I require. I was thinking that senior year was probably the hardest thing that would have ever happened in my life. I started to apply and accepted any offer right away because I was so happy to fantasize working life, thinking it would be easier to work than to study. But it wasn’t.

From my perspective, college means having many leisure time while working means no more leisure time. When will this thing end? How many years should I work? Can I graduate from working? Those are common questions popping out of my mind. I didn’t adapt well at first. I am too busy complaining and looking for a way out to end this miserable life I have. I haven’t ever felt grateful about having a job, where I can buy anything I want without asking money or even permission from my parents. I didn’t even thank God about any opportunities or things that I have in my life. But now I regretted it. I regretted crying and complaining and I now I want to get a brand new adventure with full of gratitude or at least seeing life in a different point of view.

Working as a teacher is a fun experience for me. I could eat lunch almost everyday with the food that I got from the parents, I got to laugh everyday looking at my students’ weird, awkward, and cute behavior, I got to eat birthday cake every month, I got presents on my students’ birthday, I got presents on a regular day, I got presents when it is IPTM day, and there are just so many things to be grateful for. Moreover, I can also experience things that were really unexpected. I used to think that all I have to do as a teacher are teaching, inputting scores, making lesson plans, etc. Turns out, there’s more. I have to take care of all of my students. One time, my student got nosebleeding and I got to take care of it. I stood up near the sink to wash the blood running from her nose for almost an hour. I had to pinch her nose and let her breathe through her mouth. I used a lot of tissues to block more blood running out from her nose, and I had to smell the stinky blood for almost an hour. I was so scared to pinch her nose because I fear it will hurt her, but that’s the only way to stop the nosebleed. Thankfully, it stopped and we called her parents to pick her up.

T’was a new experience for me. However, I am so thankful for it. I can learn basic lessons like how to handle a nosebleed. I also got to meet loving parents and caring colleagues. Moreover, I am grateful for His blessings. And now I am looking forward to see what’s in store for me this year. Hoping for more blessings to come!