College Life

Oh hello! I have never thought I would write again on my beloved blog. A year has passed since my latest post. I have really wanted to write, but this verb, which was on an on-off relationship with me for almost a year, called ‘procrastinate’ has never supported me to do so (who says you cannot have a relationship with a verb). Hehehe.. I know that’s just wrong but please bear with my current condition which I think is mentally unstable and in need of a psychologist (someone help me!). Anyway just like what I have said previously, I always wanted to write, but I always found a reason to stop recalling my lovely experiences, to lazily find ideas, and to neglect writing.

That’s just how lazy I am. That’s just who I really am.

But naaah, not really. HEHE…

Truthfully, I had a lot of ideas and experiences to write but then again, I was just very obedient to ‘that’ verb which colonized my life ever since we agreed to get to know each other more. But finally after the long-awaited, this long procrastination era has over. I eventually got enlightenment to write again.  And it is about my college life! Yeay? No? Okay then. But, I will just keep going. HEHE… (2)

For those people who know me since I first entered college life, they probably know how clever, smart, competitive and diligent I am. Although most of you might realize that I made up some words (peace!), but somehow I ‘almost’ managed to be an outstanding student. Funny yet this is true! But why would I boast on the thing that wasn’t accomplished. Pffft, silly me. The truth is that I just want my reader to know how passionate I was 2-3 years ago. My GPA was only 0.01 different with the outstanding student. Yet after that incident, I have never set a high expectation on learning. As long as I manage to get GPA around 3.00 (not below), then okay! I am safe. That’s how I live my college life until now.

Well after that, there are not many changes.

The things that change: I am currently doing a mini thesis and having a long distance relationship. These two different things sometimes do not really cooperate well with my life. Both things need a lot of my time. Sometimes I ended up neglecting one and made losses on the other one. Somehow I wish I can make things work smoothly, but that’s life. It supplies struggles and problems for me to grow.

Anyway, that one thing that I really want to share is about my relationship. We handle different problems every day and it is sad knowing that we cannot be at the same place supporting each other. Moreover, sometimes we get into a fight, misconception, etc. We still find it hard to solve those problems because we have our own opinions which is very different sometimes and, of course, mostly because of our distance. Yes I know that many quotes in Pinterest app or even Google said that distance means so little when someone means so much for you. But, distance is not that easy. We cannot just pay a visit ‘every time’ we fight because it costs a lot of money and efforts. Don’t blame me because I am just being rational. Duh, I know it’s hard but that’s just how life works. All I can do is to adjust to the way life wants me to live.  HEHE… (3)

Thus, I don’t know what the future holds, I just hope that heaven will give what’s best for me.

Oh and by the way, I am sorry that this post is not about any cool experiences or tips and tricks kind of writing like how I used to write. Sometimes I just really need to pour out my thoughts to clean up my mind and fix my life lol. Well, that’s all.


May you have a good day!