How To Move On and Get a Life

On a cloudy afternoon, while eating wafer sticks in my messy room, I remembered a recent incident when I had an argument with my close friend from the past. It was intense. It blew my thoughts away from the present to the miserable past. When he said it’s hard to let go, I completely knew his struggles but I’ve been through that stage already. Let’s say he was nice, but there were still many humans who were nicer than him. I kept on recalling until suddenly came a cool breeze tickling my neck, blowing my ebony hair and waking me up from my daydreaming. “Hey, isn’t it over?” asked my conscious thoughts.

Yes, it is. And I am happy now.

Citing from a book I have read a while ago, “attitudes are based on beliefs.” I think I couldn’t agree more to this statement. When I believe I cannot do it, I will never succeed. But when I believe I can do it, at least I know that I will have the chances to succeed. If I started something that is hard to fathom in the beginning, I should remember and believe that God gives me problems I can handle, which reason is very obvious, to make me become a better person. And just to make sure you know where I am going, I am talking about love life. I am talking about moving on after a break up.

So how? What are the tips and tricks?


Move On Move Up


First things first.

I know how hard moving on is especially when you got a lot of memorable things with him/her, but believe me, time heals. And I’m telling you this because I care. First, as time goes by, you have to delete any-related-evidences about your partner. Your photos being cute together, his/her individual photos, texts, call logs, voice notes, and etc. How can you say you have tried to move on when your lock-screen and wallpaper were still his/her picture? Isn’t it funny?

Second things second.

Try not to contact him/her. If possible, block his entire social media. I mean, no. Make it possible. It’s either to prevent you from stalking or to prevent him from contacting. It really helps, believe in me or at least in your own self that you can live without him no matter what situations you’ll face later on.

Third things third.

Do not listen to love songs especially those that sadden you. Listening to those kind of songs really affect your emotions. Therefore, you should remove or change your playlist. Also do not listen to music that triggers your anger, for example rock and roll music. For instance, don’t be such a crybaby or a sorehead because trust me, you will regret it later.

Fourth things thrown in.

Keep yourself busy on doing things, even the things that you don’t usually do, for example jogging in the afternoons, scrapbooking, learning new music instrument, joining fraternities and sororities, learning new languages, etc. Realize that there are many things you have to learn and improve rather than just to sit near the window, feeling the breeze and reminiscing things which other people don’t even give a damn care about it.

Last things last.

            Don’t ever show to people if you are sad and grieving. They might judge or label you as the man who can’t be moved, just like what The Script’s famous song told us in 2009. Although I really love the band and the song, but I know it’s not the time for me to do this yet! My point is that it will be more difficult to move on since people know your situation. So what’s the trick y’all? The trick is, show them that it’s not a burden yet a challenge for you. Show them you are happy with your new situation.


            So, that’s all I can say. Hope you learn a lesson and here are some quick essences from my writings above; your beliefs determine your attitude, change your mindset, think to be better, and do not regret from the choices you’ve chosen. Everything happens for a reason. Although I know it’s hard, but hey! There are a lot of mortals out there who have passed the stage you’re in right now and prove you that it is fine! It surely is fine. Just keep moving forward and believe you can, and last, your attitudes will adhere.