Phuket Trip With Education Students

The first day of our trip was so fun! Can’t you imagine what would it be in the next few days if our first day was all fun and exciting? Everything went as well as what we have planned. All the students and the lecturers were so delighted and we cooperated well…




First day of our trip didn’t go as well as what we expected. Not-so-little-misunderstanding happened around the corner. We were separated in the last hours of checking in. But with unprepared souls, we still continue our journey. 7 people boarded first (at 6:25), and 18 people, including all the lectures, boarded latter. All of the plan we made wasn’t put in the right place. Even there was one student who had to depart and arrive first in the land of strangers. But eventually, we managed to calm the storm down. Everything went back to normal…


Not really!


Not all plans should go as what we’ve expected. We should be prepared with everything that will happen, the things that we expect and not we expect. That’s why we should just be grateful because even the bad thing happen for a reason. Let’s just learn from all the unexpected experiences, prevent that in the next chances and continue to the fun and exciting stuff that I’ve mentioned before. (We did have some fun. A lot of fun actually!)


Opening Ceremony and Cultural Exchange Workshop

In the second day, we made an opening ceremony. We introduced ourselves and they introduced themselves. 4th year students gave a simple presentation about Phuket, what you can do and cannot do in Thailand, etc. They gave souvenirs, we gave souvenirs, and things like that.


After that, we continue our journey to a few tourist attractions. First is Wat Chalong Temple and the next is Rawai Beach.

  1. Wat Chalong Temple

Before entering the temple, you must take your shoes off and it is best not to wear clothes that reveal your shoulders, chest, belly, and legs. The temple was so attractive, inside it was filled with golden statues and decorated with unique and colorful wall paintings, really soothes the eyes of the tourists. Many people come to pray and to learn about Buddhism. Some were just taking pictures, for example, us.

  1. Rawai Beach

I think we didn’t go exactly to the beach since I couldn’t find people swimming, tanning, or wearing bikinis, but we went to a place where we could take beautiful pictures there. You could see more pictures on my instagram, so please follow me! Teehee.


Thai Language Day

In the third day, we learned about their language. They didn’t teach us how to read and write their Thai Script (also known as Phasa Thai) though, they just taught us how to write the pronunciation and how to say it. We also learned about how to greet somebody, to introduce our names, and to make a daily conversation with a partner. Whereupon, we took a brief rest and lunch. After lunch, they brought us again to some tourist attraction. The first was Wat Phra Tong Temple and then Nai Yang Beach.

  1. Wat Phra Thong Temple

When we visited this temple, I see many locals came to pray to their Gods and I think we were the only tourists there. There was this thing called Gong-something and we were so excited to play it. So the rule was just to rub the thing with your hands and wait it until it make something like buzzing sound and vibration. The monk said that you have to clean your mind and your heart before playing it, so it will produce the sounds and vibration. Many didn’t succeed, but I did! It was all about the tricks anyway.

  1. Na Yang Beach

Swimming is possible in this beach. We were swimming freely. I and my friends covered many songs at the beach, and there was this tourist who recorded us and then left us happily. I could see it through his eyes, lol.


Thai Dance And Art Performance Day

The next day, we went to their dancing room. They have one, wow! I really like it. A fair and decent room full of mirror and custom clothes. In the back of its room was a theater room just like a theater here in Indos to watch movies, but in a smaller version. So cool!

As usual, after we learned about their culture, they took us to somewhere good which was Jungceylon Shopping Center. At first, we were supposed to go to Pathong Beach also, but because the weather was rainy so we couldn’t come to the famous beach. But it’s okay, it’s Phuket already!


Thai Cooking Class Day

Today was the last two days in Phuket. They taught us how to cook Chicken Green Curry. The funny thing was, they put more sugar than salt to their food. One day, I was doing a night culinary with my friends, we bought one spicy Thai Kwetiaw. Instead of giving salt to our food, they gave us sugar. It didn’t even taste spicy. Sweet version of Kwetiaw was making me sick! But at least the food that I and my group made was delicious.

After that, we made a Farewell Party with the English Major students there. Only a few students and lecturers came, but it was exciting! They served us some delicious food, my favorite was Sticky Rice with Mango, very delicious. We also performed a traditional dance, we were so nervous but at least we could overcome it and performed it well. After we closed the Farewell Party, they gave us some time to karaoke. It was my favorite part of our trip!

The next day, we went to Airport at 4:30 in the morning to go back home (Indonesia). We were so tired but it was exciting and fun. If I was given another chance to come here again with them, I would like to. I left my heart at Phuket! ❤