Most Embarrassing Yet Memorable Moments In High School


High School was indeed one of the best times in my life. There was time when we do silly things and never actually cared about what other people thought because we were so carefree. I went to a small school, so we basically knew almost everyone. There’s only a few people in my batch so we’re really like a family. We can do almost everything together, although there might be around one or two people who act like a hypocrite, but it’s okay.

This article will be about my most embarrassing and memorable moment in High School. Have you ever did the same thing like mine in your youth?

  1. Pretty Boy

There will always be a cool and handsome boy that you like in the school, right? Well, I also had one that time. Although he doesn’t have the ideal height of a man, but his smile and soothing face were the best! This occurred in the very first months of school. One day, when I was admiring him, my friend saw me and approached me said she would do anything as long as I got to know him better. WARNING! The next few words are a little bit outrageous for me. In fact, SO OUTRAGEOUS THAT I DON’T WANT TO RECALL THE MEMORIES. My friend was so sincere and straightforward that I couldn’t help but ashamed. Because she insisted, so I said, “Okay, up to you, as long as it’s normal.” She agreed and started to approach him in a way that I couldn’t think of. She took her phone out and then took a picture of his face. The thing that made me so angry was that SHE TOOK IT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE! A lot of his friends saw her doing her idiocy and laughed out loud. I was so shocked and angry. Although in the end she apologized to me, but I still can not forget the embarrassing part of it. After that incident, he remembered our faces and every time he saw me I just felt so awkward and never wanted to see him ever again. I was so childish back then. Not anymore, though.


  1. The First

I was eating with my friends in the canteen while break time, and at the same time, we were talking and laughing. When we were too busy being sarcastic about our schoolmates, we forget about time and the chapter test that’d led by a renowned killer teacher in the class. We were so afraid and didn’t want to enter the class but our bags were in front of the class so the teacher would have known if we’re missing. I was with my bestfriends that time. One of my friends persuaded us to skip his class for once and said he wouldn’t notice we’re missing. She was so convincing which made us fall into her nice words. We trusted her and decided to hide in the toilet. Can you imagine how smelly it is? After a long time of arguing what’s best, we moved into an empty class. When we already felt so safe and secured, there was this teacher came in without our knowledge. We became so afraid because she asked us to go upstairs and meet with the teacher. PLUS, when the class was over, some friends approached us and said that the teacher missed us so much and wanted us to meet him. Wait, they’re being sarcastic at us. Karma does exist, guys. Well, at first, we didn’t believe them. But when we went back to the classroom to take our bags, turned out our bags weren’t there anymore! That’s the reason why we enter the office afterwards. We saw our bags beside the teacher and approached him to say sorry also to get our bags back. But this’s what he said, “For approximately 13th years of my teaching, you guys are the first female students that skipped my class. I am so disappointed. I had expected more of you guys, y’ know.” WHOA! He has humiliated us in front of the teachers and the students in the room more than what we thought because he yelled at us. He asked us whether or not to tell our parents, but we begged him not to tell them. So, he didn’t tell our parents but he gave us an excessive punishment. This is so embarrassing. We didn’t know it would be this far. Sorry, Mom, Dad. *cry*



This one isn’t about High School, but this happened when I was in High School. It’s about my super slim crazy friend’s choice. I have five besties. I don’t know why, but I just love them. One day, we decided to celebrate the new year together in my house, so they said they wanted to sleepover. One day before the last day of the year, four of them came on time. But this super slim friend, named Ete, was celebrating the new year with her boyfriend so she was ended up late. The determined time had passed, the gate of my residential was closed and locked and we didn’t have the keys to unlock it. At first, we thought she would come tomorrow afternoon but our assumption was wrong. The gate usually open at 4:00 in the morning yet she came at 1:00! We searched every possible way to help her pass the gate. No one came up with a great idea, until she decided to climb the gate with full of fern and sharp object. “HEY YOU TINY LITTLE CREATURE! YOU CAN’T DO THAT. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” We yelled at her but she already had a strong determination. We made a video of her climbing up the gate with her tiny size of a body and still laughing when we saw it again and again. It’s almost impossible, but because of this accident, we believed that there’s nothing impossible when you put your mind to it. ✌


There’s actually a lot more memorable moments, but it’d be so much to share in this article. The point of this article is, “never regret any embarrassing experience you’ve done in the past, because in the future, it is one of the best things to remember.”