Working Life

Hello! It’s me again. I am truly sorry for not posting anything since 2018 😦

Here’s the thing, I was excited about my graduation in 2019 and planned to write something about it but I was so busy. I even didn’t get much vacation because after I graduated, I had to train to be a teacher. If you ask me why it is so fast for me to get a work, it’s because I was super excited to leave my campus. So when I was still working with my mini-thesis, I applied for some jobs in Jobstreet and got hired a month before I graduated. Thus, I have to start working a week after I graduated. I was so curious of life after graduate.

Well, It’s been a tough year since I was graduated. Life was fun in college. I complained about anything, I traveled anywhere I desire, and I slept anytime I require. I was thinking that senior year was probably the hardest thing that would have ever happened in my life. I started to apply and accepted any offer right away because I was so happy to fantasize working life, thinking it would be easier to work than to study. But it wasn’t.

From my perspective, college means having many leisure time while working means no more leisure time. When will this thing end? How many years should I work? Can I graduate from working? Those are common questions popping out of my mind. I didn’t adapt well at first. I am too busy complaining and looking for a way out to end this miserable life I have. I haven’t ever felt grateful about having a job, where I can buy anything I want without asking money or even permission from my parents. I didn’t even thank God about any opportunities or things that I have in my life. But now I regretted it. I regretted crying and complaining and I now I want to get a brand new adventure with full of gratitude or at least seeing life in a different point of view.

Working as a teacher is a fun experience for me. I could eat lunch almost everyday with the food that I got from the parents, I got to laugh everyday looking at my students’ weird, awkward, and cute behavior, I got to eat birthday cake every month, I got presents on my students’ birthday, I got presents on a regular day, I got presents when it is IPTM day, and there are just so many things to be grateful for. Moreover, I can also experience things that were really unexpected. I used to think that all I have to do as a teacher are teaching, inputting scores, making lesson plans, etc. Turns out, there’s more. I have to take care of all of my students. One time, my student got nosebleeding and I got to take care of it. I stood up near the sink to wash the blood running from her nose for almost an hour. I had to pinch her nose and let her breathe through her mouth. I used a lot of tissues to block more blood running out from her nose, and I had to smell the stinky blood for almost an hour. I was so scared to pinch her nose because I fear it will hurt her, but that’s the only way to stop the nosebleed. Thankfully, it stopped and we called her parents to pick her up.

T’was a new experience for me. However, I am so thankful for it. I can learn basic lessons like how to handle a nosebleed. I also got to meet loving parents and caring colleagues. Moreover, I am grateful for His blessings. And now I am looking forward to see what’s in store for me this year. Hoping for more blessings to come!

College Life

Oh hello! I have never thought I would write again on my beloved blog. A year has passed since my latest post. I have really wanted to write, but this verb, which was on an on-off relationship with me for almost a year, called ‘procrastinate’ has never supported me to do so (who says you cannot have a relationship with a verb). Hehehe.. I know that’s just wrong but please bear with my current condition which I think is mentally unstable and in need of a psychologist (someone help me!). Anyway just like what I have said previously, I always wanted to write, but I always found a reason to stop recalling my lovely experiences, to lazily find ideas, and to neglect writing.

That’s just how lazy I am. That’s just who I really am.

But naaah, not really. HEHE…

Truthfully, I had a lot of ideas and experiences to write but then again, I was just very obedient to ‘that’ verb which colonized my life ever since we agreed to get to know each other more. But finally after the long-awaited, this long procrastination era has over. I eventually got enlightenment to write again.  And it is about my college life! Yeay? No? Okay then. But, I will just keep going. HEHE… (2)

For those people who know me since I first entered college life, they probably know how clever, smart, competitive and diligent I am. Although most of you might realize that I made up some words (peace!), but somehow I ‘almost’ managed to be an outstanding student. Funny yet this is true! But why would I boast on the thing that wasn’t accomplished. Pffft, silly me. The truth is that I just want my reader to know how passionate I was 2-3 years ago. My GPA was only 0.01 different with the outstanding student. Yet after that incident, I have never set a high expectation on learning. As long as I manage to get GPA around 3.00 (not below), then okay! I am safe. That’s how I live my college life until now.

Well after that, there are not many changes.

The things that change: I am currently doing a mini thesis and having a long distance relationship. These two different things sometimes do not really cooperate well with my life. Both things need a lot of my time. Sometimes I ended up neglecting one and made losses on the other one. Somehow I wish I can make things work smoothly, but that’s life. It supplies struggles and problems for me to grow.

Anyway, that one thing that I really want to share is about my relationship. We handle different problems every day and it is sad knowing that we cannot be at the same place supporting each other. Moreover, sometimes we get into a fight, misconception, etc. We still find it hard to solve those problems because we have our own opinions which is very different sometimes and, of course, mostly because of our distance. Yes I know that many quotes in Pinterest app or even Google said that distance means so little when someone means so much for you. But, distance is not that easy. We cannot just pay a visit ‘every time’ we fight because it costs a lot of money and efforts. Don’t blame me because I am just being rational. Duh, I know it’s hard but that’s just how life works. All I can do is to adjust to the way life wants me to live.  HEHE… (3)

Thus, I don’t know what the future holds, I just hope that heaven will give what’s best for me.

Oh and by the way, I am sorry that this post is not about any cool experiences or tips and tricks kind of writing like how I used to write. Sometimes I just really need to pour out my thoughts to clean up my mind and fix my life lol. Well, that’s all.


May you have a good day!



How To Move On and Get a Life

On a cloudy afternoon, while eating wafer sticks in my messy room, I remembered a recent incident when I had an argument with my close friend from the past. It was intense. It blew my thoughts away from the present to the miserable past. When he said it’s hard to let go, I completely knew his struggles but I’ve been through that stage already. Let’s say he was nice, but there were still many humans who were nicer than him. I kept on recalling until suddenly came a cool breeze tickling my neck, blowing my ebony hair and waking me up from my daydreaming. “Hey, isn’t it over?” asked my conscious thoughts.

Yes, it is. And I am happy now.

Citing from a book I have read a while ago, “attitudes are based on beliefs.” I think I couldn’t agree more to this statement. When I believe I cannot do it, I will never succeed. But when I believe I can do it, at least I know that I will have the chances to succeed. If I started something that is hard to fathom in the beginning, I should remember and believe that God gives me problems I can handle, which reason is very obvious, to make me become a better person. And just to make sure you know where I am going, I am talking about love life. I am talking about moving on after a break up.

So how? What are the tips and tricks?


Move On Move Up


First things first.

I know how hard moving on is especially when you got a lot of memorable things with him/her, but believe me, time heals. And I’m telling you this because I care. First, as time goes by, you have to delete any-related-evidences about your partner. Your photos being cute together, his/her individual photos, texts, call logs, voice notes, and etc. How can you say you have tried to move on when your lock-screen and wallpaper were still his/her picture? Isn’t it funny?

Second things second.

Try not to contact him/her. If possible, block his entire social media. I mean, no. Make it possible. It’s either to prevent you from stalking or to prevent him from contacting. It really helps, believe in me or at least in your own self that you can live without him no matter what situations you’ll face later on.

Third things third.

Do not listen to love songs especially those that sadden you. Listening to those kind of songs really affect your emotions. Therefore, you should remove or change your playlist. Also do not listen to music that triggers your anger, for example rock and roll music. For instance, don’t be such a crybaby or a sorehead because trust me, you will regret it later.

Fourth things thrown in.

Keep yourself busy on doing things, even the things that you don’t usually do, for example jogging in the afternoons, scrapbooking, learning new music instrument, joining fraternities and sororities, learning new languages, etc. Realize that there are many things you have to learn and improve rather than just to sit near the window, feeling the breeze and reminiscing things which other people don’t even give a damn care about it.

Last things last.

            Don’t ever show to people if you are sad and grieving. They might judge or label you as the man who can’t be moved, just like what The Script’s famous song told us in 2009. Although I really love the band and the song, but I know it’s not the time for me to do this yet! My point is that it will be more difficult to move on since people know your situation. So what’s the trick y’all? The trick is, show them that it’s not a burden yet a challenge for you. Show them you are happy with your new situation.


            So, that’s all I can say. Hope you learn a lesson and here are some quick essences from my writings above; your beliefs determine your attitude, change your mindset, think to be better, and do not regret from the choices you’ve chosen. Everything happens for a reason. Although I know it’s hard, but hey! There are a lot of mortals out there who have passed the stage you’re in right now and prove you that it is fine! It surely is fine. Just keep moving forward and believe you can, and last, your attitudes will adhere.


Phuket Trip With Education Students

The first day of our trip was so fun! Can’t you imagine what would it be in the next few days if our first day was all fun and exciting? Everything went as well as what we have planned. All the students and the lecturers were so delighted and we cooperated well…




First day of our trip didn’t go as well as what we expected. Not-so-little-misunderstanding happened around the corner. We were separated in the last hours of checking in. But with unprepared souls, we still continue our journey. 7 people boarded first (at 6:25), and 18 people, including all the lectures, boarded latter. All of the plan we made wasn’t put in the right place. Even there was one student who had to depart and arrive first in the land of strangers. But eventually, we managed to calm the storm down. Everything went back to normal…


Not really!


Not all plans should go as what we’ve expected. We should be prepared with everything that will happen, the things that we expect and not we expect. That’s why we should just be grateful because even the bad thing happen for a reason. Let’s just learn from all the unexpected experiences, prevent that in the next chances and continue to the fun and exciting stuff that I’ve mentioned before. (We did have some fun. A lot of fun actually!)


Opening Ceremony and Cultural Exchange Workshop

In the second day, we made an opening ceremony. We introduced ourselves and they introduced themselves. 4th year students gave a simple presentation about Phuket, what you can do and cannot do in Thailand, etc. They gave souvenirs, we gave souvenirs, and things like that.


After that, we continue our journey to a few tourist attractions. First is Wat Chalong Temple and the next is Rawai Beach.

  1. Wat Chalong Temple

Before entering the temple, you must take your shoes off and it is best not to wear clothes that reveal your shoulders, chest, belly, and legs. The temple was so attractive, inside it was filled with golden statues and decorated with unique and colorful wall paintings, really soothes the eyes of the tourists. Many people come to pray and to learn about Buddhism. Some were just taking pictures, for example, us.

  1. Rawai Beach

I think we didn’t go exactly to the beach since I couldn’t find people swimming, tanning, or wearing bikinis, but we went to a place where we could take beautiful pictures there. You could see more pictures on my instagram, so please follow me! Teehee.


Thai Language Day

In the third day, we learned about their language. They didn’t teach us how to read and write their Thai Script (also known as Phasa Thai) though, they just taught us how to write the pronunciation and how to say it. We also learned about how to greet somebody, to introduce our names, and to make a daily conversation with a partner. Whereupon, we took a brief rest and lunch. After lunch, they brought us again to some tourist attraction. The first was Wat Phra Tong Temple and then Nai Yang Beach.

  1. Wat Phra Thong Temple

When we visited this temple, I see many locals came to pray to their Gods and I think we were the only tourists there. There was this thing called Gong-something and we were so excited to play it. So the rule was just to rub the thing with your hands and wait it until it make something like buzzing sound and vibration. The monk said that you have to clean your mind and your heart before playing it, so it will produce the sounds and vibration. Many didn’t succeed, but I did! It was all about the tricks anyway.

  1. Na Yang Beach

Swimming is possible in this beach. We were swimming freely. I and my friends covered many songs at the beach, and there was this tourist who recorded us and then left us happily. I could see it through his eyes, lol.


Thai Dance And Art Performance Day

The next day, we went to their dancing room. They have one, wow! I really like it. A fair and decent room full of mirror and custom clothes. In the back of its room was a theater room just like a theater here in Indos to watch movies, but in a smaller version. So cool!

As usual, after we learned about their culture, they took us to somewhere good which was Jungceylon Shopping Center. At first, we were supposed to go to Pathong Beach also, but because the weather was rainy so we couldn’t come to the famous beach. But it’s okay, it’s Phuket already!


Thai Cooking Class Day

Today was the last two days in Phuket. They taught us how to cook Chicken Green Curry. The funny thing was, they put more sugar than salt to their food. One day, I was doing a night culinary with my friends, we bought one spicy Thai Kwetiaw. Instead of giving salt to our food, they gave us sugar. It didn’t even taste spicy. Sweet version of Kwetiaw was making me sick! But at least the food that I and my group made was delicious.

After that, we made a Farewell Party with the English Major students there. Only a few students and lecturers came, but it was exciting! They served us some delicious food, my favorite was Sticky Rice with Mango, very delicious. We also performed a traditional dance, we were so nervous but at least we could overcome it and performed it well. After we closed the Farewell Party, they gave us some time to karaoke. It was my favorite part of our trip!

The next day, we went to Airport at 4:30 in the morning to go back home (Indonesia). We were so tired but it was exciting and fun. If I was given another chance to come here again with them, I would like to. I left my heart at Phuket! ❤

Teaching Experiences: Don’t Underestimate The Hardwork and Strength That Teachers Dedicated

Before you get me wrong by reading the title above, NO. I am not a professional teacher yet, I am still a college student majoring in English Education. Although I am not a teacher yet, but I do work in my spare time. As a teacher, obviously, and I am going to share my teaching experiences for my readers. This job is actually just my part-time job, since I am more into studying than working. Nonetheless, I am a lot more busier now. So recently I took 22 units this semester, but because of this part time job which obliged me to work 10 hours/week makes me feel like I took 32 units. *sigh*

FYI, I am Indonesian and so do my students. So I teach them English as their 2nd language. This is my pure thoughts since I just got my first real job, which is being a homeschooling teacher.

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

My lecturer contacted me a few weeks ago, saying that she had a job for me (to teach an elementary schooler.) Her friend wants to continue her study in Australia and she is going to take her family there. So she needs teacher to teach English to her children before their departure. Years ago, I was teaching toddlers and elementary schoolers but in a large number of students and I wasn’t paid for that. It wasn’t a formal teaching and learning activities too, it’s just a super-duper casual activities. But this time, this is homeschooling and I get paid. Since I was so tempted with the salary, I accepted the offer right away. I don’t even consider the consequences, e.g. teaching without books, different materials every meeting, creative ways of teaching so that the kids will not get bored easily (2 hours/meeting), the expenses of the materials, the icebreaker games, the response of them, what they’re going to tell to their parents about how I teach them, etc. Although I didn’t consider that, but I thought really hard of taking this big opportunity, since it will only come once in a while. Well, let’s just continue to the main story without further ado.


1st day

First day of teaching was quite adventurous. I don’t even know where the house is. I have to walk far away from my place to meet the aisle of their house. After walking for several minutes, asking some villagers about the definition of their house, then I arrived at their house. First meeting was quite awkward, I met them with their father and also grandparents. They were warm but I still felt awkward. I was so nervous, I thought they wouldn’t like me as soon as I enter the house, or they would immediately contact my lecturer and request to hire another person better than me. On top of that, I wasn’t ready to teach, I didn’t bring any materials and didn’t come up with any helpful teaching ideas. I started to teach but all is blank and the kids didn’t even comment. They were so quiet, which left me in guilt. In a nutshell, all I do was just asking information about them, btw their names are Gwyneth (9 y/o) and Reynard (8 y/o). I also asked about their parents, why their parents chose homeschooling (even though I already knew), and so on.  Thank goodness they didn’t look for another person to hire. *sigh again*

2nd day

The next day, I learned something from yesterday so I prepared some materials about how to introduce themselves in English. I also brought another materials to teach them about body parts. But I guess it doesn’t trigger their inner selves. I still can’t read their personality. So I concluded that I should come up with more creative ideas for the next meeting. They did learn something from me tho!

3rd day

The next meeting, they became more friendly and I liked it! It boosted my mood immediately seeing how friendly they are to me. This time I am confident that I bring a good activity. I made a board game, it’s a game, but not in a board, since it’s hard to find board in a mountain (yes I live in a mountain, lol) and even if I found one, it would be expensive. So, I made it from a cardboard. They loved and excited seeing their new toys. The title is ‘Say 4 Things’ that are written in the cardboard. They were so enthusiastic and I admitted it, that is a very interesting game.



Wait, we’re shy! Please don’t take any pictures of us.


My teacher is so funny!


Okay, we’re ready.


4th day

The fourth day, it’s kinda unusual. When I was about to enter the house, I heard someone crying. It was Gwyn. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the house was a little bit clumsy. I sat near their rooms, and then her Grandma approached me and asked me something like, “See? This is what happened when people choose homeschooling. The kids often arguing, fighting, and crying a lot. It’s better for them to study at school than at home, right? What do you think?” or something like that. I couldn’t answer but I nodded since I was shocked. After that, we continued the lesson. A few minutes passed, I asked her why she’s crying awhile ago. She said that they were fighting and it irritated their Grandma. She said it happened a lot when they were fighting. But overall, she could keep up with the lesson well.


Days gone by. We continue the lessons and the games. I made a few games so they won’t get bored easily. For example, “What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?”, etc. And btw, mostly the lessons that I made are more like games, because the focus is to speak, listen and understand it. So since I made it into games, they interacted and communicated more to each other. But the things that made me struggling so much was not only about different materials every meeting, but also the location of my place and theirs. It’s a little far, but if I walk there and go back to my place by feet again for 10 times a week, it’s so tiring. Moreover, their house was downhill. So, yeah. that’s one of the strugglings that made me want to give up. But up until now, I thank God for this encouraging experiences of my future. Hoping for more amazing experience to come. 🙂


How To Master Piano Sheets



taken from tumblr


Mastering easy and simple piano sheets may be hard for the people who are just learning. But in contrast, mastering the hard and tricky one may be easy for the maestro. Why? It is because they already have the ability of sight reading and so on. Before we’re going into a hard and tricky one, how about mastering the easy and simple one?

  1. Memorize the notes and keys.

The first stage is memorizing the notes and keys. Most people find that music notes seem strange and unusual when they try to read it. But if you’re willing to put in more efforts, you will get accustomed with the notes and keys.

  1. Practice the scales.

After memorizing, people need to practice about the scales. Scales are the flats and sharps or the major and minor chords in the scores. Flats, sharps and chords are the one which made some scores aren’t flat and boring because it gives variation into it.

  1. Read the music.

Read the music is the next stage. Reading music means read the sheets not memorizing or playing through feelings. It is an important thing to do. If you cannot read music, you won’t develop on your own. And it is kind of like a habituation. Why? Because when you play by ear or feelings, you already experienced the same notes or chords and that chords will repeatedly resound in your ear, and in the end, you will play the same chords.

  1. Multiply your pieces.

Don’t detain at the pieces you can’t play. Multiply your pieces from the easiest until the hardest. Try to play pieces you’ve never seen and played before. It may help you learn from different difficulty levels.

  1. Go slow.

The purpose is for you to recognize key signature –like the flats and sharps–, rhythm, fingering, etc. Whenever you learn new piano sheets, the first thing to do is to scan it, with your own eyes of course, then play it slowly afterwards. The more you practice slowly, the faster your brain recognize the sheets naturally.

  1. Be patience.

When you think you cannot do it, don’t stop. Push yourself, don’t get easily bored. Be persistence about your determination.

  1. Collaborate with a singer.

Yes, this helps a lot. It gives you pressure to play well. You try to adjust to their tempo, page turns, and so on. When they sing, you skip the part where you play it wrong and just keep going on. Eventually, you play it good without noticing.

  1. Don’t look at your hands.

Personally, this is the most essential tips. When you try to do sight reading, you are basically focusing your eyes into the pieces not the hands. So, you must keep your hands moving on while focusing your eyes directly at the pieces.

If you have passed the stages, you will get into sight reading. Sight reading means people have the ability to read the piano sheets effortlessly. To excel in sight reading, people must first do everything that has already mentioned above. Not just that, but people must also practice a lot to get into this stage. Practice every day at least one hour per day. When you can do sight reading, you can master the hard and tricky pieces. First thing first, practice what you can’t play, not what you can play. Practice when you don’t care who’s listening, so you can make a lot of mistakes and play over and over. Playing and practicing are different. You need to practice to master piano sheets, not just to play. Play means you seek the pleasure only while practice means you are serious enough to achieve your goals. Be determined.


An Unplanned Vacation to Bali

“Tinung, tinung,” my phone rang (well actually that’s not the real sound of my phone but let’s just assume it that way).

I got one notification from my cousin, Kak Sharon. What would it be?


I and Cousin

“Han, are you busy?” She texted. I’ve known her for a long time, if she asks me this kind of question it means she needs me to accompany her somewhere. “Nope, Kak. Why? I am on a holiday mode.” I replied.

“Then let’s go to Bali.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“Haha, nooo. I just want to enroll in a university there to continue my study.”

“Okay, but that’s just so far away from home. Mom and Dad would be angry.”

“Go ask my mom to help you get your permissions.”

“Really? Jinjjaeo? Jeongmal?”

“Ndehhhhh, hurry. I need to book some tickets.”

So, that’s the story behind my unplanned vacation. After I finished my second semester, her text saying she would continue her study there was extremely surprising. She did not even ask me about my college life, phew-_- I guess that’s why people said life is full of mystery.

Two weeks ago was amazing. I, Kak Sharon, and Vannesa, our friend who is the victim of this unplanned vacation also, were having a trip to Bali for about 6 days vacation, but the last two days were not in Bali, it was in Malang. Reminiscing about it again, it was lovely because God had guard and protect us safely until the time I wrote this. It was quite challenging, for that was my very first time to leave far away from home without parents, and when I say far away, it means to leave into a different island, without parents. You know, that kind of kid who can’t go far away without parents, and yes, I am one of them. I dont know if it does not sound scary for you, but it is for me. Well, it also means freedom anyway. Teehee✌️
Without any further due, let’s just begin the journey!

First day in Bali, I and my cousin, Kak Sharon, went there by plane from Jakarta, we arrived in Ngurah Rai Airport and immediately searched for a transport to Pantai Kuta to meet our friend, Vannesa, via Grab Car, an application in Android or iOs, famous for its cheap price and easy to book car app. After we typed “Mc Donalds Kuta Beach,” which was our destination to meet up with her, the fare and also the driver came up, which was predictable, it’s cheap and trustworthy. As we were going there, we had little talks with the driver and soon we arrived in Mc Donalds Kuta Beach. The weather was very hot, almost the same as in Jakarta. That’s one of the reasons why we got tired easily. After we met her, we went to our hotel to take a rest. So, we enjoyed our room in the hotel for a while, then took a brief walk around Kuta. After that, we met a place to rent a motorbike. So we bidded and got two bikes for Rp. 50,000 only per each bike and each day. Because it was our first day there, we did not know where to go until I suggested to go to Padang Padang Beach and they agreed. So in the evening, we went by motorbike to Padang Padang Beach for approximately about one hour trip. We arrived there when the ticket was not on sale again. At first, we were so panic because the trip was so tiring and we thought we could not enter the beach, but in the end, we could make it! With the help of the people there, we could enter the beach without paying the ticket fee. On the way to Padang Padang Beach, we almost had an accident. To arrive there safely took too many hours, so we speeded up our motorbike to arrive immediately. It’s hard to explain the situation, we were mostly separated because of the traffic jam and stuffs, which is confusing because we did not know the highway there and we only had one charged cellphone to use the GPS (reminder: it was our first time travelling in Bali by our own selves so GPS was so important), we almost got into an accident too but thankfully, we’re still in a good condition even up until now. I could feel the guidance that God sent for us that day. By the way, Padang Padang Beach had a very romantic atmosphere. Well it was just my opinion, maybe because of the weather when I was there and also the views. After taking some photos and playing with the waves, we’re going back to our hotel.


@ Padang Padang Beach


The second day, we went to Mahasaraswati University in Denpasar, my cousin wanted to enroll there. After that, we thought we needed more vacation, so we went to Sanur Beach. We were not in the mood to swim or take a picture, (except Vannesa, she’s always taking pictures to be posted in her Path or another social media), so we only sat facing the beach, enjoyed the air, and went back to our hotel.


The third day, because it was the last two days for us to enjoy Bali, so we went to Sukawati Market to buy some souvenirs. Some said that the price at Sukawati Market is cheaper than the other Markets near the beach, so we went there. And it was not a myth! It really was cheaper, for example, I got five cute dresses for only Rp. 20,000/dress. So recommended. But you need to master the art of bidding first before you came, lol. In the afternoon, we went to Uluwatu Temple, we had to pay the entrance fee for Rp. 30,000/each person. There were lot of monkeys there, they said the monkeys’ jobs were to keep the temple safe and holy. But you gotta be aware from them, especially if you bring foods or stuffs that attract them, they will try to steal it. There was one lady who had to go back home barefootedly because her sandals were like bananas and the monkey stole her sandals, lol. After Uluwatu Temple, we went to Pandawa Beach to chill for a while. We did not bring additional clothes, but we did some swimming. It was cold when we were on our way back home, because we went by bike and our clothes were all wet. After we went out from the beach, we were separated. I was with Vannesa, lost in the middle of the forest near the beach. We did not know the location of my cousin, Kak Sharon, but we kept on driving. The road was slippery. Vannesa, who was the all time favorite driver because I could not ride a motorbike, started to lose control of holding the motorbike and then, bam! We got into a real accident. The days before, we almost got hit by a car, a truck, or almost fall onto the road but it did not happen. But now, accident did happen. Not only us, after we met with Kak Sharon, unexpectedly, she got into a real accident also. We saw her legs bleeding in so many areas. We were in pain but we try to endure it. After we arrived at our hotel, we medicated the wound, took a quick shower and a rest.


@ Uluwatu Temple





For our last day, we only went to Khrisna and continue our way to Kuta Beach and Legian Beach for a short period of time. Then, we checked out from our hotel and went to Ubung Bus Station to go to Malang. We took a rest for a while at Vanessa’s house in Malang. Then in the afternoon, we ate our lunch at Madam Wang Secret Garden Restaurant. This resto was a recommended one! I really like the ambience and also the interior design here. It was very colorful yet so unique. The service was quite good also, they were warm and friendly. Actually, the resto was quite small, but oh well, it was comfortable for us, so yeah, I would definitely come back here and try another menus. After eating some delicious foods, we were going back by train to Jakarta, our hometown.


So that’s all about the guidance and protection that God sent when we were in Bali. Hoping to go into another vacayyyy btw. May God bless your holiday and vacation also!


Tori Kelly is 23 years old, but she has shown amazing vocal ability. She’s a new artist who has stolen my heart with her amazing songs. She is currently nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy this year with James Bay, Sam Hunt, Courtney Barnett and Meghan Trainor. She first started on YouTube at the age of 14th, and at the age of 16th she auditioned for American Idol and getting known to many people. With her own hard work, she created her own EP, titled Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly.

Her ability to do runs and riffs effortlessly are my favorites. *Check one of her riffs in youtube. The keyword is Pretty Young Things*. It’s not her original song though, but I like it! I really love her. She’s different than the other famous singer. She sings about things that really matters, not about drugs, sex, etc. Plus, her voice is flawless, dashing and soothing.

In this article, I’m going to share my 5 favorite songs of her with my favorite lyrics.


  1. All In My Head

I am so in love with this song. This is like my favorite song of her for now. But I have no strong determination when it comes to Tori’s songs. In this song, her voice is so stunning, I really like it, and the lyrics are so… beautifully sad.


Was it real or was it fake?

Was it all a mistake?

Boy, I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?

Did you ever feel the same?

Was my mind just playing games?

Boy, I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?

  1. Dear No One

The chorus is just so heart-catching. *cry* *np: <Miranda Sings> Where Ma Baes At*


So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you

But I’m done lookin’, for my future someone

Cause when the time is right

You’ll be here, but for now

Dear no one, this is your love song

  1. The Art Of Letting Go

I really love the first verse of this song. It’s just so relatable… To everyone. Or maybe some. *try not to make it obvious* *joking*


We were just little kids, we were ambiguous

My crush was serious, it’s crazy how

As we were growing up, I could just set you up

But it just wasn’t love, I guess the stars

Never aligned for us, life just snuck up on us

You got a girlfriend and stuff, feelings are bottled up

Hide ’em in this song, take the key and lock it up

But when I see you again, no, I can’t even pretend


  1. Personal

Go ahead and say it, Tori said, don’t you hide it ‘cause we (girls) can see it.


Spent my whole life looking for the one I could call

Wasted all my time on you tryna make this beautiful

But it’s clear to see you don’t love me at all

Baby, go ahead and say it

I won’t take it personal

  1. Unbreakable Smile

This one is also my favorite. It’s so catchy. I will probably jamming to this in the class, in the cafeteria, in the toilet, or wherever and whenever I want.


So call me boring, call me cookie cutter

Call me what you want

A matter of fact

Just say it loud and don’t st-stutter

‘Cause I know who I am, yeah I’m still the same

Just a California girl with big dreams

Thinking maybe they’ll let me sing songs about real things

And baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes

God made me sexy I don’t care if only I know


“And baby who knows maybe I can sell out shows without taking off my clothes.” -Unbreakable Smile, Tori Kelly.


As a college student, you learn subconsciously how to adjust in college to undergo your days normally. I also, as a college student, although still in a short period of time, learned how to adjust in college. And in this article, I’m going to share some tips of me trying to survive in the same kind of sphere too. Teehee 😹✌


  1. Organized your things. College is different than high school. You should be more enthusiastic because of the assignments that are waiting for you. Buy an organizer, use your calendar or any other good ideas to let you know the deadline of the assignments.
  2. Expand your network of friends. The people in the college mostly are going through similar circumstances and experiences, so try to make friends. Because when you do, then you’re safe. PS: There will be a time when you need friend to ‘help’ you because of your apathy. HEHEHEHE…
  3. Be active on sororities or fraternities. Consider joining a group, organization, etc. You’ll learn new skills, and feel more connected to your school. But be careful not to go overboard.
  4. Find ways to cope with stress. Prepare some time and a to-do list that help you take the stress out of your day. Whether it’s doing gymnastics thing, making a diary, watching your favorite k-drama or any kind of movies, don’t forget to pamper yourself.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. Do not postpone any task or assignment when you have it. There’s a saying, “Don’t abandon your task, because later, the task will meet another abandoned tasks. And when they do, they will fall in love and bear another tasks so that the tasks become plenty.”
  6. Save money. Try to make a list of things you need, things you’d buy for daily stuff, and some unexpected disbursement. When you have some remaining money, save it. Don’t use it for things unworthy, somewhile, you’ll regret it.
  7. Eat a lot, exercise a lot. If you’re a food lover like me, at least try to keep your body in a good shape. Exercise helps, just search any kind of videos in youtube or another sources to help you maintain your body. Also, don’t forget to stay fit by eating healthy food.
  8. Be responsible. Man up and realize the mistakes you’ve done, don’t blame it to others. Be responsible for everything that happens to you.
  9. Enjoy your activities. If there’s a time when you feel pressured or stressed and make you lazy to keep going, just be grateful for it. See it in a different perspective. Stress can motivate and help you accomplish tasks more efficiently. Some said, it can even boost concentration and productivity.
  10. Strive for perfection. Although being perfect is impossible, at least you strive for it. Be confident in everything you do to increase the result of your work. Hard work won’t lie.


I hope this article can help you. There might be more effective and interesting tips. If you have another interesting tips, don’t be shy to share it in the comment page below. I hope we can get through the freshman year peacefully. 🙂



Most Embarrassing Yet Memorable Moments In High School


High School was indeed one of the best times in my life. There was time when we do silly things and never actually cared about what other people thought because we were so carefree. I went to a small school, so we basically knew almost everyone. There’s only a few people in my batch so we’re really like a family. We can do almost everything together, although there might be around one or two people who act like a hypocrite, but it’s okay.

This article will be about my most embarrassing and memorable moment in High School. Have you ever did the same thing like mine in your youth?

  1. Pretty Boy

There will always be a cool and handsome boy that you like in the school, right? Well, I also had one that time. Although he doesn’t have the ideal height of a man, but his smile and soothing face were the best! This occurred in the very first months of school. One day, when I was admiring him, my friend saw me and approached me said she would do anything as long as I got to know him better. WARNING! The next few words are a little bit outrageous for me. In fact, SO OUTRAGEOUS THAT I DON’T WANT TO RECALL THE MEMORIES. My friend was so sincere and straightforward that I couldn’t help but ashamed. Because she insisted, so I said, “Okay, up to you, as long as it’s normal.” She agreed and started to approach him in a way that I couldn’t think of. She took her phone out and then took a picture of his face. The thing that made me so angry was that SHE TOOK IT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE! A lot of his friends saw her doing her idiocy and laughed out loud. I was so shocked and angry. Although in the end she apologized to me, but I still can not forget the embarrassing part of it. After that incident, he remembered our faces and every time he saw me I just felt so awkward and never wanted to see him ever again. I was so childish back then. Not anymore, though.


  1. The First

I was eating with my friends in the canteen while break time, and at the same time, we were talking and laughing. When we were too busy being sarcastic about our schoolmates, we forget about time and the chapter test that’d led by a renowned killer teacher in the class. We were so afraid and didn’t want to enter the class but our bags were in front of the class so the teacher would have known if we’re missing. I was with my bestfriends that time. One of my friends persuaded us to skip his class for once and said he wouldn’t notice we’re missing. She was so convincing which made us fall into her nice words. We trusted her and decided to hide in the toilet. Can you imagine how smelly it is? After a long time of arguing what’s best, we moved into an empty class. When we already felt so safe and secured, there was this teacher came in without our knowledge. We became so afraid because she asked us to go upstairs and meet with the teacher. PLUS, when the class was over, some friends approached us and said that the teacher missed us so much and wanted us to meet him. Wait, they’re being sarcastic at us. Karma does exist, guys. Well, at first, we didn’t believe them. But when we went back to the classroom to take our bags, turned out our bags weren’t there anymore! That’s the reason why we enter the office afterwards. We saw our bags beside the teacher and approached him to say sorry also to get our bags back. But this’s what he said, “For approximately 13th years of my teaching, you guys are the first female students that skipped my class. I am so disappointed. I had expected more of you guys, y’ know.” WHOA! He has humiliated us in front of the teachers and the students in the room more than what we thought because he yelled at us. He asked us whether or not to tell our parents, but we begged him not to tell them. So, he didn’t tell our parents but he gave us an excessive punishment. This is so embarrassing. We didn’t know it would be this far. Sorry, Mom, Dad. *cry*



This one isn’t about High School, but this happened when I was in High School. It’s about my super slim crazy friend’s choice. I have five besties. I don’t know why, but I just love them. One day, we decided to celebrate the new year together in my house, so they said they wanted to sleepover. One day before the last day of the year, four of them came on time. But this super slim friend, named Ete, was celebrating the new year with her boyfriend so she was ended up late. The determined time had passed, the gate of my residential was closed and locked and we didn’t have the keys to unlock it. At first, we thought she would come tomorrow afternoon but our assumption was wrong. The gate usually open at 4:00 in the morning yet she came at 1:00! We searched every possible way to help her pass the gate. No one came up with a great idea, until she decided to climb the gate with full of fern and sharp object. “HEY YOU TINY LITTLE CREATURE! YOU CAN’T DO THAT. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” We yelled at her but she already had a strong determination. We made a video of her climbing up the gate with her tiny size of a body and still laughing when we saw it again and again. It’s almost impossible, but because of this accident, we believed that there’s nothing impossible when you put your mind to it. ✌


There’s actually a lot more memorable moments, but it’d be so much to share in this article. The point of this article is, “never regret any embarrassing experience you’ve done in the past, because in the future, it is one of the best things to remember.”